Project development is a strategic and collaborative process focused on actively unlocking project potential through a systematic process of testing and consolidating project options and opportunities.



TMA is an established, full-service architectural practice competing successfully at the highest level of the profession in East and Southern Africa. We offer Architectural, Urban Design and Interior Design and Project Development consulting services.

We are a dynamic young company whose track record has built a credible reputation for innovative, yet cost-effective designs.

TMA is engaged in the full spectrum of architecture, from the design of new buildings and the refurbishment of existing structures to urban design and project development services.

Depending on the project objectives, we are positioned to deliver full or partial services to respond to the Client needs.

urban design

Fully aware that no building stands in isolation, TMA Architects continually addresses the interdependency between Architecture and Urban Design throughout our design work.

In creating functional, attractive and sustainable urban environments we always take into consideration the ‘big picture’; the greater urban context– groups of buildings, streetscapes, public space, neighbourhoods and the city as a whole. We consider the integration of green space and promotion of public open space in general planning essential to the implementation of viable neighbourhoods and urban environments.

Urban design is an inter-disciplinary practice engaging all built environment professions. TMA has notably provided Architectural guidelines and the Spatial Development Framework for Freedom Plaza, the most significant mixed-use development of the Central Business District of Windhoek, Windhoek

feasibility studies

At TMA Architects we undertake feasibility studies as an important pre-detailed design activity aimed at mitigating uncertainty regarding the successful implementation of a project.

Our Feasibility services have supported Clients ranging from first time developers undertaking medium scale projects to property development companies that are leaders in the real estate markets.

In East Africa, TMA Architects design concept and feasibility services notably supported the successful land acquisition bid for the Garden City Development site; a project earmarked as East Africa’s largest commercial development.

Our services here have expanded to include liaison with specialist in market research, realtors and financial institutions.

multi-disciplinary services

Operating as a multi-disciplinary, design-based firm, we are able to offer a comprehensive service utilising our in-house skills and talents to add value to the product we deliver to our Clients. Our established working relationships ensure seamless collaboration with other built environment and landscape professionals in East and Southern Africa.

TMA strives to deliver the highest standards of design and professionalism throughout all phases of our service. From understanding the Client’s brief through to delivering a completed building, on time and on budget, we focus our efforts on accurately interpreting the Client’s requirements, designing solutions that integrate such requirements with the appropriate architectural responses. Our work takes into account local economic realities, technical developments, sustainability and international design influences. Our design objective is always to create designs which are contextually appropriate and set benchmarks in architectural and design excellence.

These projects include mixed use and residential developments, commercial and institutional buildings, business parks and sustainable building.

project development

Project development is a strategic and collaborative process focused on actively unlocking project potential through a systematic process of testing and consolidating project options and opportunities.

TMA Architects provides guidance through all stages of Project Development, advising the client during each phase of the project’s evolution.
Project development may begin at the earliest stage of the project with emphasis on statutory, such for the landmark Freedom Plaza development project for which TMA facilitated the development agreement between our Client and the City of Windhoek.

While commencing at inception, Project Development may continue well after building is complete in review processes that evaluate building performance.

integrated solutions

Sustainability and Energy efficiency is one of the key focus points in TMA’s creative and synergistic design process.

TMA Architects is a member of the Green Building Council SA and we believe that the cornerstone of all great design is efficiency.
In planning architectural design, orientation, passive solar energy and materials with low carbon footprint all contribute to buildings that have minimal impact on the environment and create pleasant interior environments for the end user.

To ensure the provision of integrated design solutions TMA is able to collaborate with variety specialist in the field.


The practice operates a team approach to project delivery, with teams that are structured and managed to deliver projects from inception to completion. We recognise the essential contribution every staff member makes in the balance of a team therefore we select team members based on their complementary skills and level of experience.